and elegantly
story of our Resort
in Lake Shikotsu

Luxuriously and elegantly story of our Resort in Lake Shikotsu

A trip beyond time, steeped in blue.

363 meters at its deepest, mysterious lake Shikotsu is filled breathtakingly clear water.
The color of that water is called Lake Shikostu Blue, and has offered countless blessings to this area since ages long past. The kiusu Earthwork Burial Circles, Japanese northernmost and largest Jomon culture ruins, give proof that people have lived here peacefully for 3,000 years. The northern Jomon people carried on the love and reverence of nature from their ancestors. That spirit and form, and the symbolic Lake Shikotsu blue which named by Japanese Kanji [碧 Ao], exist beyond time, now and into the future.

Luxury staying in our "Ao" such as a Lake Shikotsu blue jewel

Prayer patterns carrying dreams beyond time.

The theme of [碧の座 Ao no Za] is how the story of the land still carries echoes of Jomon culture into the modern age. The lobby features an 8 meters wall symbolizing the interwoven layers of Jomon culture, Ainu culture, and the modern age with the flow of time. The pattern designs found in every corner of the facility are prayer patterns expressing respect and affection for our ancestors, and wishes for a peaceful life.

The local attractions of Lake Shikotsu

The origin of name"碧の座(Ao no Za)"

We are enchanted by the color changing waters of Lake Shikotsu, bule and green and white, hidden as they are in deep forest. The word [碧 Ao] in Japanese can mean blue or green, and evokes the enchantment of those waters in our name. We add to that [座 Za], or "gathering", to create a place for people to interact.
We chose this name out of our desire to create a space set with moment after moment of natural beauty, like jewels in time.



Dishes of Simple luxury, composed from the seasons of the north.

Each seasonal ingredient is prepared with special care to bring out its hidden flavors.
Each plate becomes a kaleidoscope, showing a limitless array of flavors born of the seasons of the north.
Our chefs carefully choose each ingredient to create naturally decadent Kaiseki style cuisine evoking the northern landscape. Each dish is a work of art, a poetic expression of each season.

Exquisite cuisine be served in private dining roomsExquisite cuisine be served in private dining rooms

Sharing type teppanyaki counterLocated separately style Teppanyaki

Guest Villas

Suites & Villas overlooking
Lake Shikotsu.

All rooms at [碧の座 Ao no Za] are 100㎡ super suites. We have made a new style of Japanese Ryokan at the highest level of all the Tsuruga Group.
The anex holds 4 Executive Villas, with a premium on privacy. Two of the Suite Villas are Maisonette types, boasting of over 200㎡ of space.
All are spacious, and offer a special sense of staying in your own vacation home.

The Best luxury staying in our Tsuruga ResortGuest Villas Information and Availability

A private Onsen
in every guest room.

To help every guest relax and enjoy a soothing bath without reserve, every room features its own indoor jet bath and outdoor private onsen bath. Each outdoor private onsen bath is large enough to comfortably accommodate three or four people at once. Dusk, midnight, dawn... Spring, summer, fall and winter. Gaze out over the blue of Lake Shikotsu as time flows by, and let the hot spring waters soothe your body. Enjoy the luxury of your own private onsen to your hear's content.

All rooms with private Open-air Bath Onsen

Treatment SPA 玉青(Tamao)

Treatment 玉青(Tamao)

The treatment ceremony
through Tea

THÈMAÈ (Temae)

[Temae (点前)] , the Japanese name of the Tea preparation ceremony that from greeting to gestures and preparation, symbolizes sensations, beauty and pleasure. The brand name THÉMAÉ is inspired by this culture and art of Tea.
The beauty is naturally revealed when pleasure and well-being are associated with it. Enjoy our techniques of treatment and massage inspired with THÉMAÉ in Ao no Za.

[Temae (点前)]

Treatment SPA MENU

  • BODY

    • Oriental Massage

      THÉMAÉ's flagship full-body treatment. Our therapist will use slow, rhythmic strokes to comfortably work the tension out of your whole body to offer relaxation and well-being.

      60min ¥21,000

      90min ¥27,200

    • Ayurveda

      A deep, powerful, rhythmic treatment in the Indian tradition. It fills body and spirit with vitality and relaxes every muscle, so it is particularly recommended for those exhausted both body and mind.

      60min ¥22,000

      80min ¥29,000


    • THÉMAÉ Hydration Strategy

      This is the fundamental skin-beautifying treatment used in THÉMAÉ's full facial lineup. Its three-stage washing process offers more radiant, translucent skin.

      60min ¥22,000

    • THÉMAÉ Anti-Aging Ritual Lift

      This aging care treatment used in THÉMAÉ's full facial lineup helps rejuvenate aging skin. It has lifting and firming components to make beautiful skin with youthful vitality.

      60min ¥24,000

    • Men's facial treatments

      This helps restore moisture to skin damaged shaving, etc. thus restoring firm tautness.

      50min ¥20,000


    • THÉMAÉ Ceremony - body & facial treatment

      This treatment combines the main Hydration Strategy facial treatment with a back body treatment. Your entire body will be guided into deep relaxation.

      90min ¥30,000

    • THÉMAÉ Harmony - body & facial treatment

      This treatment combines Oriental Body with the facial Hydration Strategy, the main treatment. It will guide your entire body into deep relaxation.

      120min ¥42,000

    • THÉMAÉ Signature - body & facial treatment

      This treatment combines Oriental Body and Hydration Strategy. Every inch of your body will be cared for with an aging-care ritual lift.

      180min ¥49,000

    • Fusion Ceremony

      This treatment begins with a back treatment that incorporates Polynesian techniques, which are followed by a body massage performed using bamboo sticks that thoroughly loosens the muscles deep down. The facial treatment relaxes the facial muscles, stimulates them with finger pressure and brings about a youthful, vital complexion.

      90min ¥32,300


    • Green Tea Facial

      A mini-facial given using green tea, a cleansing, a facial treatment and finishing touches.

      25min ¥9,000

    • Moroccan Oil Scalp

      This helps repair environmental damage to hair, instantly bringing it a beautiful luster and softness, and also brings relaxation through scalp massage.

      20min ¥8,000

    • Hand treatment

      20min ¥8,000

    • Foot treatment

      20min ¥8,000

  • This displayed prices do not include consumption tax. The prescribed consumption tax will be added to them.



Hotel Name Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Bessou Ao no Za
Address Shikotsuko Onsen, Chitose 066-0281, Hokkaido, Japan
Tel +81-123-25-6006 (09:00 - 20:00)
Rooms 4 Types, Total 25 Lake View Rooms(100m2 - 270m2) All rooms with Open-air Bath and View Jet Bath
Check In / Out 14:00 - 19:00 / until 11:00
Facilities Lobby Lounge, Bar Lounge, Japanese Restaurant (private room stlye), Teppanyaki Counter, Others
Ground area About 4,800m2
Total floor area About 6,800m2

Floor Guide

Floor GuideFloor Guide


By Car

・From Sapporo approx.70 minutes
・From New Chitose Airport approx. 40 minutes

By Shuttle Bus

Offer the free Shuttle Bus service for
Ao no Za & Mizu no Uta Hotel's stay guests

Making the shuttle bus reservation is required at least 3 days before your arrival, please refer to attached website through this link.

Shuttle Bus Reservation


Floor Guide

Floor Guide


Executive Suite Villa

Executive Suite Villa B301

Executive Suite Villa B301

Executive Suite Villa B301

Executive Suite Villa B302

Executive Suite Villa B302

Executive Suite Villa B302


Executive Villa

Executive Villa A201

Executive Villa A201

Executive Villa A202

Executive Villa A202


Suite Sky Resort

Suite Sky Resort ― 紺碧 konpeki ―


Suite Resort

Suite Resort ― 瑠璃 ruri ―


Deluxe Sky Resort

Deluxe Sky Resort ― 白藍 shiraai ―


Deluxe Resort

Deluxe Resort ― 深藍 kokiran ―